Martín is a Southern California based photographer currently living in Downtown Los Angeles who grew up surrounded by many creative individuals, which shaped him in tremendous ways. Beginning with a deep passion for music, he pursued this art as it led him to recording school in Los Angeles. Unbeknownst to him, photography would soon become his primary expressive medium.

Throughout his 12-year journey with photography, Martín continued to experiment with music and other outlets of design. With the help of stimulating surroundings, as well as various local and cross-cultural experiences, Martín’s eye and talent for photojournalism continued to grow and flourish. Showcased in his main portfolio site www.martinvielma.com  conveys the style and substance that marks the heart and passion with which Martín identifies most.

His natural ability to tell stories led Martín to try his hand at wedding photography, and within a year, was working additionally as a full-time professional wedding photographer. From day one, he was committed to staying true to his passion for photojournalism without compromising  what he saw as the wedding industry norm for photography. As he found himself immersed in the wedding industry, he quickly learned that it was hard to come by true artists within the mainstream wedding realm. As his business and portfolio grew, he found more and more creative wedding types who supported, pushed and inspired him to pursue his career while keeping the soul and passion of photojournalism alive. To this day, achieving that balance is one of his primary goals. According to him, “An artist must walk the razor edge, one step to the left or a step too far to the right can leave you completely lost in the stream of artistic delusion.”

Martín considers it a true honor to capture images and create stories in and out of the wedding realm and looks forward to the journey ahead.

All images copyright Martín Franco Vielma II. All rights reserved.